About Me

Hi all, my name is Ryan! Daytime I work in the IT field as a Program Technician, and nighttime I study Cybersecurity by reading articles, participating CTF’s, KOTH (King of The Hill) challenges, and working on projects to better learn technologies in the Cybersecurity industry.

I graduated from Colorado State University in 2022 with a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology with an emphasis in Cybersecurity. Since then, I have achieved vendor certs for Palo Alto and Azure, and general certs such as Network Pro and Security Pro.

Though I currently work in general IT I have goals in place to move into Cybersecurity, specifically, Red Teaming and Penetration Testing. Peers in related fields know this can be a difficult field to get into, and I am more than interested in putting in the work and helping others transition that are willing to learn. I made PokeSec to not only showcase my work but also share what I learn with others. If any peers, potential employers, or people who are interested in Cybersecurity would like to reach out, please feel free to touch base with the links below!